A film by Véronique Aubouy

DOCU/DRAMA  / 86 min /France
DCP Color
Language : French

Cast :  Julia PERAZZINI – Nina LANGENSAND – Mégane FERRAT – Pauline LEPRINCE – Valentin JEAN

A film casting in Paris. Young actresses (and actors) try to incarnate the Swiss writer and traveler Annemarie Schwarzenbach (1908-1942). In order to get the role of this emblematic and sulfurous figure of the late 30’s, child of the “lost generation”, antifascist and gay, this actors play scenes of her life, try to assume poses of hers from photos, and talk about their own life through the prism of her fascinating and ambiguous personality. A portrait arises, singular and multiple, public biography and intimate memory, drawn up by the woman of the past as well as by the young generation of 2014. Slowly, a reconstituted and collective figure emerges and encounters an own fictitious life.

Director Véronique Aubouy is a filmmaker and artist. She has directed many documentaries for ARTE. One of her fictional short : « The Silent of the Summer » was selected at « Un Certain Regard » at Cannes film festival

Official Selection

Berlinale Panorama (Germany)
Identities Vienne (Austria)
Dv8 Screen (Austria)
Sicilia Queer (Italy)
Asterico Buenos Aires (Argentine)
Cinemarges Bordeaux (France)

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