A film by Col·lectiu Vigília, Clara Serrano Llorens, Gerard Simó Gimeno 

Produced by Mireia Graell Vivancos (Ringo Media) 

Drama / 74 min / Spain / 2024

Language: Catalan, Spanish

Subtitles: English




Official selections

Giffoni Film Festival 2024


Bruno, 18 years old, takes care of his grandmother Natividad, who is increasingly dependent. The grandson faces the most difficult decision of his life: Should he place his grandmother in a nursing home? 


Bruno’s (18) life is increasingly limited by the growing dependence of his grandmother Natividad (86), the only family he has ever known. When the opportunity to take her to a nursing home arises, both will have to deal with a decision they had not allowed themselves to consider before. 

Director’s note

« We are raised to become independent, to live our own lives, and to learn to take care of ourselves. But on our way to that goal, we are struck by a counteracting fact: Our grandparents being cared for again, with the sense of uselessness it can bring them. A drastic change in their lives and in ours, which brings to the table the inevitable question of what to do in these situations. L’edat imminent is a letter to our parents, grandparents, caregivers. A story about taking care of the ones who take care from our youthful approach. A coming-of-age centered on two vital moments that collide at the same time: Bruno’s need for independence and self-discovery, and Nati’s increasing demands. A situation that we have experienced first-hand with our grandparents. 

 With this film we reflected on the intimate and difficult process of deciding how to care for dependent people, balancing the implicit drama of the subject with touches of humor to talk about burdens and responsibilities, but also about love and what it means to grow up. For us, it was also fundamental to put on the table new realities of today’s society, such as the cultural diversity that inhabits the periphery of Barcelona, the difficulty of accessing a place in a public residence and the precarious employment of young people.  

As young creators, we defend a collective and horizontal cinema, following the heart of the project in every decision. We approached Bruno and Nati, as well as the rest of the characters, through intimacy and an approach that allows us to reach their essence. A directing style open to the exploration of cinematographic language, through suggestion, and the will to create questions in the audience’s mind.  L’edat imminent is a dialogue between generations, the moment when our grandmother’s soup recipe becomes our recipe. With Bruno and Nati’s relationship, we explore how love and tire coexist in family relationships and how, sometimes, loving also means learning to let go. »





26 June 2024