A film by Nicol Ruiz

Drama / 71 min / Chile / 2020

Language: Spanish

Subtitles: English


Rosa Ramírez, Ramona Satt, Gabriela Arancibia, Claudia Devia, Raúl López Leyton, Cristóbal Ruiz.

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Claudina is a traditional woman from the countryside. After the pass away of her husband, she gets into a lonely routine. Having a difficult economic situation, Claudina has to move with her dearest grandson Cristóban, and her daughter Alejandra, knowing that both women have a distanced relationship. Living together, Claudina meets the neighbor Elsa, an independent and married woman who sings on a hidden bar called “Porvenir“ (The Future.) Claudina starts a relationship with Elsa, getting in love. Since then, she develops a journey of self-knowledge to be free, under the judgment of her daughter and friends on a religious and conservatory little town, obsessed with UFO sighting.

The Director

Nicol was born in 1988, in the south of Chile, in the town of Lautaro. Nicol studied filmmaking at Universidad Mayor, for four years, in Chile. During 2016, she shot her first feature film “Forgotten Roads“ (La Nave del Olvido). In 2019, she directed seven of ten chapters of the fiction tv serial “Los Carcamales“ for the film production company “Kuarzo.“ Right now, Nicol is in the developing process of her second feature film, called “Cuando la Lluvia no me toca“ (When the rain does not touch me.)


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