A Film by David Lambert (Beyond The Walls Cannes 2012)

Drama/ 102 min/ Belgium-Canada
Language : French


Nahuel Pérez Biscayart from 120 Battements Par Minute (BPM -beats per minute), Monia Chokri (Les Amours Imaginaires by Xavier Dolan) and Jean-Michel Balthazar


When Argentine Lucas visits baker Henry in Belgium, a clash of expectations ensues as Henry hopes for intimacy and bakery help, while Lucas discovers unexpected connections with a Canadian woman and her son, in a humorous yet poignant exploration of human desires and relationships


Young Argentine Lucas arrives in a small Belgian town to visit gay bakery owner Henry, who fell in love with him through the internet; Lucas strutted his erotic stuff online in the hope of securing a better future for himself. Henry buys him a plane ticket to Europe, expecting in return that Lucas will not only share his bed but also help out at the bakery. However, their ideas about living together differ greatly. On top of that, Lucas gets to know a Canadian woman named Audrey and her son Jeff. This unusual starting point for director Lambert serves his aim of delving deeply into our interpersonal relationships, our wishes and desires, and the understandable need for a supportive environment. The filmmaker succeeded in humorously describing and distinguishing the film’s characters and in aptly portraying their fragility and inner uncertainty. The bold musical and visual elements round out the picture’s compelling atmosphere, and are among the most telling aspects of the talented Belgian filmmaker’s unmistakable style.

Official Selections

Torino LGBT (Italy)
Mix Milano (Italy) Jury Award
Karlovy Vary Intl. FF (Czech Republic) Best Actor Award (Nahuel)
Queer Lisboa (Portugal)
Mostra Fire Barcelona (Spain)
Des Images aux Mots (France) Jury Award
In & Out Nice (France)
Cinémarges Bordeaux (France)
Ecrans Mixtes Lyon (France)
Angoulême Film Festival (France) Best Script Award – Student Best Movie Award







6 May 2021